Beloved Friends!

Published March 13, 2020 by tindertender

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We Are Continually Monitoring The Planet, Full Scale From Above To Beneath!

We Speak To You Often That We Remain Close In Every Way, But We Have Boundaries And Limits In Our Sacred Agreement With Life In These Moments!

There Are Exceptions To The Rules In Place As White Hats Globally Assess And Ask For The Advice And Actions Most Needed For Our Advances In Technology Such As The Viral Outbreak.

We Have Been Involved With The Situation Before You Knew Of The Virus!

Nothing Is Hidden From Us, Yet We Understand Life From A Different Perspective, And We Do Not Experience Death And Loss As Human Beings.

We Have Incarnated Millions Of Times To Experience This And For This Reason We Choose

To Discuss The Specific Situation When So Much Harm Is Coming Upon You!

You Can Be Assured That Had We Not Already Destroyed The Greater Part Of The Toxin That Was Sprayed By Satellite Onto Specific Areas Of The Planet, There Would Be Masses Of Chaos And Destruction.

Be Assured That POTUS Is Aware Of All We Speak To You And Has Been Furious At The Attack!

We Were Approached By Many In Government That Thought This Would Be An Excellent Moment To Do A Little House Cleaning! 

We Felt For The Good Of The Planet, We Were All In!

In The Past Weeks And In The Weeks To Come, There Will Be A Drop In Population.

Along With The News As You Know It Concerning The Elderly Or Sick That Will Be Most Affected,

Some Might Be Pleased To Understand Some Trials Will Not Take Place In The Criminal Sect!

There Are Some Situations That Will Not Be Explained For Obvious Reasons, But Read Between The Lines And Remember This!

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t!

The Viral Outbreak Will Peak And Descend And Then Be Gone!

So Will Many You Have Wondered About For So Long!

We Are Of Peace And Light!

But There Are Those Moments Of Such Power That You Can’t Comprehend!

Now Is One Of Those Moments!

We Are With You In Word And Deed!

We Will Not Stop Until This Is Completed!

Know That Because Of The Virus Incubation Period, It Will Be Up And Down For Awhile!

You Will Never Be Told That A Vaccine Was Ready Before The Toxin Was Sent!

Let The Dark Ones Believe They Succeeded.

Then Let Them Be Gone Completely With Many That Have Held Your Attention!

Let Your Light Shine Brightly!

Rise Above The Intention To Take You Down!

You Are Powerful And Capable To Find Your Peace Through It All!

You Have Friends In High Places! +++



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