I Love Cedar

Published March 13, 2020 by tindertender


Improves Respiratory Organs

Cedar Tea: Improves the functioning of the respiratory organs, alleviates the state of health in cases of bronchitis and pneumonia. It has an anti-inflammatory effect in cases of rheumatism and osteochondrosis.

It improves circulation, and has a general strengthening effect on the organism.

The aroma of cedar fills the spirit with a sensation of stability and safety, is conductive to reflection about eternal values. Cedar is used as a form of protection in fasting and in the sweat lodge.

Cedar needles are capable of decontaminating the air.

The smoke of cedar carries prayers to the Creator.

Preparations: Add 2 or 3 Tsp. to a pot of water (2 or 4 cups) bring to a boil then simmer until water is tea coloured. Strain before drinking, add honey to flavour.

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