Power of Intention

Published March 9, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/HealthMentor1

Learning to set Positive Intentions for your world, for Our world, make it a daily habit to set them, set them for your children, yourself, the things you want to come forth, if we are removing the old matrix, we need to learn how to Create the New One!

We are switching out the old matrix, with our New Creation, we came here to do this right? Do you remember? So let’s stay in Positive mode, Starseeds because it is actually We, who have the Free Will to Create here, we just had to see a bunch of bad stuff to learn to get in the right Alignment to Create.

What ever you see that is negative in your life, or the world, re-Create it into Positive by saying a Positive affirmation. Speak positive words only, replace all negatives with positives, this is actual ‘Free Will’…God gave us Free Will to : CREATE, let that sink in.

Remember, above Everything, that you are not of this matrix, this matrix is a school only, you are learning to walk into Your Spiritual Life here, You are not from here, You are not of this matrix, you are just visiting & You are Guided & Watched over every step by Angels & God.

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