Humanity Is Not A Race, People, or Person

Published March 9, 2020 by tindertender

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I want humanity to know this one single thing. When you are not being abused, when you are not being artificially swayed, when you are not being conducted, your species is not just wonderful, it is not just spectacular, it is far beyond all of that.

It is the quintessential embodiment of love and joy. THAT is who the Angelic Human has been here.

And each time you are abused and each time you are led astray, it has always been by Beings who were simply more clever than you here at deceit and cruelty. Each time.

You were never born to be cruel, and all the hurt and pain you have experienced was because of other Beings, other species, not yours.

Be human no matter what. Love no matter what. Be kind no matter what. Be what you were designed to be 980 million years ago when your genetic fathers were formed in the Halls of Palaidor of Sirius-B.

Be that perfection that the Angelic Human has always been designed to be and ignore the hate, ignore the vengeance, forgive, FORGET the damage and be you, BE GOD.

All Love on your journey

– the words of mission guide

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