Disease or Virus? Cure, or Not?

Published February 27, 2020 by tindertender

I watched the president of the United States speak last night about the Corona Virus. He calls it a disease and has ordered the Vice President to ready the country for its outbreak.

Here is a list of “incurable diseases”. The common cold and flu are listed … as well as … the Coronavirus.


While HIV, AIDS and Herpes still plague the world, they choose to focus on those minor viruses which are incurable, why? For profit of course, and the altering of the human bioform.

While the world suffers from REAL diseases, be prepared for the mandatory vaccines for the flu and coronavirus … they will be coming, under this administration, and possibly all future administrations.

The goal … is to alter the human DNA through injection. They will use any excuse to force the serum into your veins, all the while, offering no relief to those actual diseases which are plaguing the planet.


It is interesting how they try and form the idea of “pandemic” into the minds of people, all a cover-up for very criminal activity.

Besides, it was all planned, long ago.

Written in 1981


Pretty much anything.

You are more likely to die taking a selfie than you are to die from the corona virus in the US.

“They will release a flu-like virus. It’s designed to spread like wildfire and to knockout a large number of the Chinese people. The people in this meeting were laughing about this. They said “China will catch a cold”. Original video uploaded Jun. 2010.


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