The World At Your Fingertips

Published February 3, 2020 by tindertender

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It was not one or two that was infiltrated, but the entire society. The goal was total domination, not just local ‘enterprise’.

How you respond and utilize what you come to know, determines who you are to become.

Who you become is inevitable, we are only what we are capable of and this doesn’t change easily.

When we have been through enough, we choose to appreciate and accept that which we sought to avoid or ignore by fear of persecution or self doubt.

No one has it all. Each of you contains some benefit to Humanity that is inherent to your personality and must be brought forth and utilized to provide the collective cure to the lack of self awareness and self control.

Isn’t this interesting? The entire world is potentially here at your fingertips. What circle of social interaction do you contribute to and does that negatively influence others or assist in the mental liberation of Humanity?

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