Thriving In The New Age

Published January 31, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Rowena McKee:

Times are changing and this is our opportunity to wake up and see things for what they are……

We have taken on childhood conditioning, conditioning from the government, ideas from our teachers, parents, but nobody asked us to think for ourselves – what we believe and how to be independent thinkers. What we have learned is often codependency instead of inter-dependency, we learned to fear something instead of creating positive outcomes, we learned to be afraid of hurdles, instead of being excited for overcoming them.

We learned to think small, without knowing we could think big and be big, we learned that we can’t be ourselves and have to repress our feelings, instead of learning to feel and cultivate our feelings. We also learned to shut down our own gifts and intuitive abilities. This is the time where we can learn to let go of the programming and go with deprogramming all of these dissonant interferences. This is the time to remember the Truth of who we are so that we can thrive.

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