I Fell

Published January 25, 2020 by tindertender

No one heard it

No one came

I rose

No one saw it

No one commented on the miracle of it

I degraded myself

Everyone saw it

ALL judged me for it

I lifted myself out of mire

No one helped

No one noticed

No one gave high-fives

I climbed ever higher than before

But others hated it

Two steps forward, one back

Push ahead

Despite the kicks to spirit

I’ve been lonely





and mistaken

Who notices but me, 100% of the time?

Not even them

Not now

Even they have appeared to lose interest

Tales wagging

Ungodly smell

Reality shifts

As it twists and turns in time

Anyone who speaks negatively of someone else, especially if they are not present, will speak of you in the same manner.

It is not ‘history’

It is slander

In many instances, completely fabricated.

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