Full Circle

Published January 14, 2020 by tindertender

Shared by: https://twitter.com/aug_tellez

As it turns out, in the real universe (aka, not hell owned by pedovores with advanced tech that slowly eat everyone’s soul) if you accept money, payment, and your job is to protect the people, yet in your duty, you are refusing to protect the people. What does that make you?

So you accepted payment, throughout your life, to ensure that no one would ever be able to touch the people who harass, abuse, rape, maim, and murder children for the process of harvesting their organ secretions.

Ok, pick your line.

If you don’t, you’re gonna default to the bottom and that one lasts for the entire length of the History of the Real Universe, of which this one remains on replay throughout, forever.

Your choice.

What you are watching now, every human from this point onward in history, will, as part of general knowledge. The depth of the most obscene is not seen unless the mind can handle, but the basic knowledge is available to all. People rape and murder children to harvest hormones.

The people that do that own all the industries, the big stadiums, the little child care centers, the education organizations, the establishments of new thought, the new tech, everything.

They were operating from one step ahead, and so no one had a chance.

2 Things.

Those who help are fucked.

Those who are fighting those who are exposing them are semi fucked.

The shot has already left the cannon.

You are already moved out of the why by higher power, or your future is sealed by that. No one can complain, because it’s the only future with humans in it.

What they don’t know is, as soon as they opened the gate, they were ripped to shreds first. Then the rest of the planet went to war.

Now they’re coming back as the fallen, get it? It’s a loop because we’re moving IN a circle.

If people don’t submit to the lunacy and fight one another in the time of greatest stress, it flips the cycle and the whole system revolves, right side out.

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