Published December 27, 2019 by tindertender

It is my belief that dogs are outlawed in many religions because they try to stop males from being abusive.

My dogs would die trying to protect me from harm. Many others who have dogs will say the same thing.

They tend to put a damper on the actions of those who control through fear and abuse.

Long live DOG! Faithful companion and protector.

Since a young girl, I have had a dog, or sometimes two, as now. They are my family. They warrant much respect by me, and some in my life have even saved me from serious harm, if not death.

I pledge allegiance to this gentle, and when necessary, ferocious creature I call sister, or brother.

May they always be well, nurtured in lovingness, and honored as the royal guardians they are.

They would willingly die for you, in fact, many have … that’s really something in a world that seeks to crush the spirit of people.

If it weren’t for the unconditional love of this particular animal, many people would believe Love does not exist.

Some people in this world would like very much for others to believe this to be true, to trample the spirit of them thoroughly.

DOG will never let you forget Love is here for you, always, no matter what.

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