A United Creation

Published December 21, 2019 by tindertender

My participation in your story is what gives it life. Your participation in my story gives it life. We should ALL consider this very carefully.

How do you see Life?

It’s a legitimate question and statement. We are co-creating, now. ALL beings, seen and unseen.

I can choose not to co-create your story. I can choose to change my story.

My outlook, my perspective.

Ours can be an accepted union, which it is, obviously, or it can be a continuous battle.

I do not like to fight … and yet I’ve been doing it my entire life Amid brief intervals of ‘peace’. (Constructed by whom?)

Are we truly Conscious, Whole and Free? The answer for most is, no. The gilded cage of the mind is our most present reality, and home (or prison).

When we can say Yes to being Conscious, Whole and Free is the day we will be at 100%. We are One. Even you, even me.

Meditate on dissolving the bars of the gilded cage of the mind.

Since my participation gives your story life, let me see your story, fully, and I’ll show you mine. Transparency is key, to all successes

Every story that is sleazy or false falls, maybe many times. Every story that is transparent rises, even though it may appear to fall at times, just like the air … which is actually very thin water, we breathe it, or it rains.

Let us Love in the time that we have, and Create the most beautiful Story, combined.

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