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Balance In Transition

Published April 6, 2021 by tindertender

There is much imbalance in the world. Many are just waking up to this Shift. What are some tools and understandings that would help you and those around you return to balance?

Mastering Alchemy offers concepts and tools to expand your skills and ability to consciously choose how to experience your life.

GAIA’s Singing and Purging

Published July 24, 2020 by tindertender

Schumman Resonance

The green part is PURGING of energies: You may feel exhausted, lethargic, super hungry and have headaches.

As we are feeling the upgrades, we are purging the negative from us & this will drain the body tremendously.

Eat lots of protein of some sort and drink a lot of water.

7 is a God number so these transitions will be intense.

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