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Subconscious Programming

Published March 4, 2021 by tindertender

So often our subconscious is “programmed” while we sleep. The manipulators use our own voice to do so.

I was between sleep and waking when I heard a thought pass thru my mind … I am a coward.

Well, I knew right away that was not MY thought, but an implant. No way would I ever say that about myself.

So I countered … and every time I came close to consciousness, I repeated …

I Am Courageous.

I Am Brave.

I Am kindness.

I Am Love.

I Am Compassion.

I Am Care.

I had many experiences in the astral last night intended to cause fear in me. The energies were dark and quite gross in the solar plexus … I breathed into it, and released it. I will not own the programming. The attempted programming.

Know this … those negative thoughts rolling around in your head are NOT yours, but a scheme from the manipulators in the unseen, to weaken you, to strip you of your courage and personal value.

You must learn to counter these thoughts.

Do not own them.

Breathe and Release.

Practice …

Practice …

Practice …

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