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Crone Goddesses

Published May 24, 2023 by tindertender

By: @theavalonians

Celtic older women were revered as the ‘wisdom keepers’. Over time they were called the ‘Crone’ which derived from the word ‘Crown’ meaning they were illuminated ‘shining ones’. The church feared these wise women, murdering & relegating them to the role of the ‘evil ugly hag’.

A small list of some of the crone goddesses from different cultures.

Ala (Nigerian) – The spirits of the dead find peace in her womb.

Ama No Uzumi (Japanese) – A Shinto ancestral Goddess of longevity, protection and psychic abilities.

Asase Yaa (West African) – She represents the womb of the earth from whom we are all birthed and will return to at our death.

Annis (Celtic) – Depicted as a frightening old woman, keeper of wisdom and old ways.

Badb (Irish) – The shape shifting warrior Goddess who symbolises the cycles of life and death, wisdom and inspiration. 

Baubo (Greek) – This Bawdy Goddess uses female sexuality and laughter to raise a smile from Demeter.

Baba Yaga (Russian) – In Slavic mythology she is the wild old woman; the witch; and mistress of magic.

Cerridwen (Celtic) – The Keeper of the Cauldron. She represents the wisdom of old age.

The Crone

Published September 9, 2020 by tindertender

“Remember, the ugly, old woman/witch is the invention of dominant cultures.

The beauty of crones is legendary: old women are satin-skinned, softly wrinkled, silver-haired, and awe-inspiring in their truth and dignity.”

~ Susun Weed

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