Running, hiding, pretending

Published May 24, 2023 by tindertender

By Ellen Redd

A feminine who is not in her divinity, feeds on the attention of many. She is hoping that this will fulfill her, and uses her physical appearance to ensnare the affection of her suitors. Often misusing her feminine gifts. This many times leads her into temporal false sense of fulfillment until she becomes bored, annoyed and no longer can go along with the creations of her own game.

In the same time, the masculine who is not in his divinity clamors to unhealed feminines in their toxicity allowing themselves to be lured into the illusory dream of love, from the illusions of the mortal flesh. The masculines also will seek fulfillment from many partners , only to find themselves empty. These masculines that are unhealed , will use their monies and their titles to attract the unhealed feminines, not realizing that they also have set a trap for their own self to fall into.

Until both the masculine and feminine aspects both unplug their circuits from these false attempts for love, they will forever be empty – desperately seeking the outside world to fill them on the inside, where they desperately fear to reside.

Running, hiding, pretending.

Ellen Redd

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