Hopscotch Anyone?

Published May 14, 2023 by tindertender

Who knew …

‘Amarelinha’ is a traditional children’s game, which is known all over the world with different names and some variations.

But did you know that it has the same structure as the Cabala’s Tree of Life?!

The purpose is to Ascension and return to earth, reaching the top of the symbol 10 of the unity of ‘heaven’, to get rid of matter and then symbolically descend to ‘malkuth’ (returning to earth).

A journey from the outer world to the Inner world, from the physical body to the Spiritual body through the soul.

This game also has the same background of the Tree of Life whose formation is precisely the Balance that must be achieved by Awareness, as well as children must maintain balance, since the path is made with one foot, jumping without touching any line, what would you do having setbacks or failures on a spiritual level?

Throw a stone indicating your target and then reach it, pick it up and return.

Same happening with St. Teurgia….
Ascending with access to Sublime Knowledge and descending with a learning into the earthly world.

It is the balance that you acquire by jumping alternately between rigor and mercy, between right and left, between male and female, between white… etcetera, etcetera.

~ Author Unknown

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