Forest Friendlies

Published May 14, 2023 by tindertender

Even extremely damaged by fire, it holds a majesty, a beauty … the life force took a big hit. I hope it comes back to health and well-being.

The lighter portion of this rock face reminds me of a lion. It sort of looks like a little something in the lower right, too.

True Stone Steps

This one reminds me of a bear, fishing the river.


It is so beautiful. Reminds me of the HUman BEing… they take so many hits in life, by the time they reach 50 or 60 they’re worn, torn by the game this realm holds on life. The Living Akashic has many tales to tell.

There were a number of people rafting the river. I saw 3 boats with 6 people each come out of the water. People adding their Life Force energies to this space… may they be blessed abundantly.

Fire did its best to destroy it … or was it a cleansing instead? 🤔🔥

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