Published January 2, 2023 by tindertender

There’s a point of energy in the body that is rarely talked about, but could be described as a “point of happiness”. Located in the upper chest and is referred to as a timid.

It’s easy to find, place two fingers in the pit below the neck, just above the sternum. This is the approximate location of the team.

Timo is called the “happy point” because it neutralizes negative energy and strengthens the immune system and overall health.

Activate the point of happiness You can rub that spot with ice too.

The gland (thymus) holds energy in your body.
On the contrary, when you are stressed, it leads to reduced life energy.

Therefore, when your body suffers from an energy imbalance, it can fix it by acting as a bridge between your brain and your body.

Lightly tapping, caressing, and massaging this point are very effective methods to raise your energetic vibrations.

You can also stimulate your glute with your fist, (just a little taps, don’t hit the chest).

Whichever way you choose, do it for 20 to 30 seconds, and take a deep breath.

Of course you can align with this positive conversation stimulation.

You’ll know that this “happy spot” is activated when you feel goosebumps in your body, accompanied by a feeling of joy and happiness.

This could take a while.

If you train every day, you will feel the effectiveness of this stimulation.

If you tend to have panic attacks, anxiety and stress often, doing this exercise several times a day will help you regain balance in your life.

~ Fountain Jo Carpenter

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