Energy doesn’t lie, even from a distance

Published December 28, 2022 by tindertender

Thought forms, especially coupled with the vibration of the voice, energy, travels freely to that which is thought of. It can literally connect with that in this universe, affecting changes.

Why is it so difficult for people to believe that when they are cussing someone, spewing vile words and toxic energies with thought intention specific to a person…. they are clueless that we pick up on it.

Their faces pop into mind. Their violator energies hit the solar plexus. And their thoughts are like poisonous barbs in consciousness.

Then they wonder why we stop reaching out, or allowing them even the tiniest fraction of connection.

Abuse is abuse.
Even if you think your abuse is private.

Study energy.

Wizards and magicians utilize this knowledge and ability purposefully to affect change.

The average dote does it unintentially, causing chaos in the collective vibratory scene, contributing to suffering, rather than skillfully creating beneficial change.

I’m truly sickened by those who care not to be responsible with their words, energies, and overall contribution of chaos … and they self-righteously claim no responsibility for our circumstance.

I have decided. And I’m starting now. No longer will I hold space for ignorant chaos makers who lack integrity or any inkling of how to manage themselves in a good way.

I’m done with eating blame for others misery. Their refusal to do the shadow work necessary to bring healing is not mine to bear.

Love doesn’t necessarily heal, if the other despises the love you give.

I sometimes feel that those stuck in victimhood only feel worse and hate you more when you show kindness, compassion and love. It’s so far from their personal mindset it only reminds them what shitty people they are. And so they gaslight, once again saying you’re a horrible person, when all along, the horrible stuff resides in them.

It becomes even more clear when little to no communication has happened in 20 years, yet they still wish to see you suffer … because they are suffering, after all this time, still stuck in the proverbial well, having put forth no effort to crawl out, simply standing there telling the world what hell it is.

Irresponsible spiritual waifs.

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