Gift or Illness? Ignorance Among the People

Published December 16, 2022 by tindertender

I watched a man say “don’t tell people you have voices in your head”. He said having voices in your head means you’re a player in the game. That those who don’t, are simply NPC’s (non player character).

I don’t understand how folks can willingly choose to shut out our spirit family. They say they believe in God and angels but when someone says they have received a message it’s considered mental illness … for everyone except priests and nuns, and a chosen few who think their spirits are positive because they haven’t been attacked … all else are considered fraudulent.

That’s the biggest scam I think, telling people their connection to spirit is a mental illness. That’s where the true disconnect originates.

I’m mostly surprised by the indigenous folks in my circle who I’ve spoken to of this, who unfortunately, do not think as the below stated belief.

Shamans (indigenous spiritual leaders) have a very different opinion of schizophrenia. They believe that schizophrenics are spiritually gifted people who have a strong ability to communicate with spirits. Schizophrenics are in the midst of a spiritual awakening.

As soon as signs of schizophrenia are detected, shamans perform healings on the schizophrenics to remove any negative entities that may be attached to their energetic bodies. Without an overload of negative thoughts, the schizophrenics’ minds become clear. Next, the shamans teach these people to shamanic journey — a spiritual practice that allows them to utilize their gifts to converse with divine spirit guides, power animals and ancestors to receive healing and guidance for themselves and others.–wIVlR6tBh3frwXTEAAYASAAEgJ34PD_BwE

Western medicine has labeled it as a medical condition affecting the weak and chemically alter them. They are trying to kill off the players who broke into their sick game … and the npc’s are turned against them, making their battle for sovereignty even that much more difficult.

We are naturally psychic.

The controllers of this matrix don’t want people waking up and entering the game. When folks do, they are attacked quickly with voice to skull technology. The attempt is to get them to commit suicide, or hurt someone else so they go to jail and get doped up with all kinds of psych meds.

They want people who enter the game dead, trapped in a lower realm, rather than gaining balance and actually play the game, team humanity in mind.

Yep … those who accidentally break into the game (usually using some type of hallucinogen, or drug injected by gov (autism).

Sad thing is, when folks do break into the controllers domain, they not only have to fight for their life and soul, they have to withstand judgement and ridicule from their, as of yet unaffected, human family.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Too many in this world spouting off about being an authority on spirituality, yet completely ignorant of the game … they cannot help anyone.

This is psychological warfare, and people are so hypnotized still, they can’t see it, and do more harm than good.

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