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Published November 14, 2022 by tindertender

Ever wonder about folks who appear to lack conscience?

NPC is a gaming term for non player characters. We live in the 3D matrix where the “players” are incarnated star beings who are source created with source DNA.

And then there are “non player characters” who are hybrids that were creations of Annunaki, reptilian, Draco & other lower density star beings. Their creation’s purpose is to make this world chaotic. They’re narcissistic, low vibrational, never changing, stuck energies.

They don’t evolve or grow like source DNA star beings & since they’re currently the bigger population on the planet we experience the chaos we see around us.

Their programming agents have been dealt with as far as they’re concerned. Most of them are the population that took v@><, or are not ascending hence, as planet energy rises they’ll keep leaving this place for good.

Explanation by @AnkhetAmenti

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