US President 2028?

Published September 7, 2022 by tindertender

Ivanka Trump is running for President in 2028 according to the Simpsons. They’ve been right about a lot of stuff.

The words are, “ In America everything’s way too early.”

I guess that means she’ll be going for election early too, 2024? It’s said the Satan will be imbued in the body of that one.

I wonder if she’ll be addressing any of these things.

Like, not allowing humanity to expand and soar into their utmost highest selves? Why are their wings clipped and lives controlled so thoroughly?

Why did the Government prohibit the prescription of Ivermectin during Covid?

Why is the Government F-ing with the nervous system of the populace?

Why is the government using fire in the land as a war tactic?

Will she address these pathological trespasses?Probably not.

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