“All Are One”

Published June 21, 2022 by tindertender

The red blood cells of a bio form have a completely different function than those of the white blood cells, yet they are in one body.

The red blood cell cannot say to the white blood cell, “I’m tired of being a red blood cell, let me be you.”

Even if the white blood cell agreed, it is not possible. Their function is what their functions are. It’s just the way it goes. At best, the attempt would only be an imitation, an illusion.

So while some say the light would not recognize itself if it weren’t for the dark, and vice verse, and while this may be true, the light and the dark are fundamentally different … in the same body of creation.

One… yet not alike, different roles, different functions. The likes of each do not belong in its opposing realm, yet share space in the whole just the same.

I believe at times, the balance between organisms sharing space goes out of kilter and measures must be taken to bring everything back into harmony, in the micro as well as the macro.

I believe we are seeing balance restored in the macro right now, affecting the micro.

There are two ways of seeing 3 basics in the coming new world.

1) Lab grown meat, limited garden crops, and whatever hydration they care to come up with.

2) Beautiful gardens, fresh grown and harvested foods year round, living waters.

One belonging to dominators and their sleeper slaves, the other enjoyed by co-creators, working together to benefit the whole.

Are all one?


About as one as two different type blood cells in the body.

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