The Decree Has Been Made

Published May 14, 2022 by tindertender

In “dream” state I saw myself dressed in a green short sleeved shirt tucked into my red wrap around skirt, the outfit I wear often to our clan gatherings. A small version of adult me in this dress was standing next to a very large version of me in this dress. I think my higher self must be merging with my present condition.

Upon having this vision, I realize that even a tiny fraction of who I really am is capable of withstanding the challenge of violations in this realm. I believe this is so for all HUmans.

My prayer is that they, too, will come to the understanding that they are operating on a “fraction” of their higher, and in actuality, they possess mightiness.

We are here.
We are witness.
We maintain connection with the higher.
This realm benefits.

As I continue to ponder this, I consider the smaller to be my purity in this realm, the larger to be my higher witness of the experiences gone thru and witnessed while here. We were facing someone … a very large, seated being. I observed thru the lense of “dreaming”.

Upon waking I received message, “They’ll get what they deserve.”

Super exciting!!

Hands raised … “Thank you for this opportunity to serve, my King.”

Message delivered, message received.

And now I finally understand that it was my higher, purposefully walking into the extreme challenges of violators. It was a training for these final moments. I’ll tell you, the Divine are Master manipulators. Yes they sometimes get caught in snares, but now I’m not entirely certain this too isn’t intentional.

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