Seen and Unseen

Published April 29, 2022 by tindertender

Sometimes when we experience rudeness from others it is important to remember … we all share the same collective consciousness. Yes, there are serious a-holes who have been enjoying the benefits of manipulating a sleepy mental state of the citizenry. But we are awakening, and our abilities to truly connect are coming on-line.

Since we all, those we love and those we’d like to punch in the face, share this space, when we cuss at the offender, everybody gets a good cussing. And folks get upset, especially if they like you, and maybe aren’t aware that your spewing was meant for someone else.

Try to be aware of what messages you are shouting out, praying about, or plotting towards, because every single aspect of the collective is receiving the message … not just the a-holes. And we don’t want to actually sound like an a-hole, do we? Chances are, no.

This is where inner fortitude comes in. How long can you stand to hear someone taunt you, make disgusting plans for you, trespass against your most private self and ways of being …. how long can you receive this barrage, all while remaining calm, collected, unaffected.

This is the battle for the mind.

This is the battle for dominance over the collective consciousness.

If the a-holes can get you to behave as such and spew out derogatory verbiage into the collective consciousness, the message you spew affects every aspect, knowingly or not.

This is how co-creation takes place.

Get enough in the collective to receive, and then return a vulgar tongue lashing, the more will.

Control your mind.

Control your emotion.

Choose a response that your most loved one deserves ….

Speak to the relatives who love you and are not crowding your mind … but are very aware.

Speak to them, in a loving way, as you seek understanding and support.

Choose to put a positive into the collective, plant verbal seeds into the collective which will grow good fruit as others receive and are inspired by, becoming a sower of good words also.

It takes practice.

I’ve been at it for a long time and still catch myself. I blame it on being a fire sign, but this is one reason I need to master it …. fiery emotion creates almost instantaneously … here, there, everywhere, and it’s potent.

Words cast spells. Whether you’re in front of a person, or casting them into the collective consciousness.

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