Woman … She Is So Strong

Published April 28, 2022 by tindertender

Amazingly courageous and resilient, true to their purpose, even in the face of their oppressors. They cannot wipe out the dignity and grace from many hearts, as the feminine continues to rise in their glory. They can rape them, torture them, and kill them … but they cannot remove their fortitude, dignity or sense of personal value unless they themselves allow it.

In the spring of 1980 Farruhra Parsa, the Minister of Education before the Islamic Revolution in Iran, was executed. She had fought all her life for women’s rights and remained faithful to herself even after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. The sentence handed down by the new authorities found her guilty of “spreading sin on earth and denying Allah.

“I am a doctor, so I am not afraid of death. Death is only a moment and nothing more. I would rather meet death with open arms than live in shame, being forcibly covered by a veil. I will not kneel before those who expect me to feel remorse for my half-century of struggle for equality between men and women. I am not ready to wear the veil and take a step back in history,” Parsa wrote in a farewell letter to her children.

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