Published April 19, 2022 by tindertender

Family, blood relatives …. I’ve been rejected and denied by the closest of them. I’ve transmuted such toxic energy received I had to stop trying to make it right.

To be rejected by my chosen family (not all, just some) is very hurtful.

I thought we, as a unit, were better than that.

Thankfully my sisters are not this way … thankfully they are here to guide our brothers, and each other, as they experience personal turmoil, as they work through their imbalances. May we learn from each other, and release the monster called pride, and come together in a good way.

My hope is there will be a softening of hearts, an acceptance, a “working together” for the betterment of the whole.

I’ve seen sore emotions and the toxins they produce. Damaged minds and hearts, demanding to be heard, demanding to be acknowledge as “right”.

It’s not all about you.

Sorry to say, it is true.

Please stop shrinking into that toxic box.

Expand into unity.

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