Fate of a Woman

Published February 18, 2022 by tindertender

Guidance and healing is promised with a gentle feeling. Reassurance, inspiration and a new path for your exploration. Wish upon a star, light from afar.

A fixed course, something that is preordained. Optimism and ambition. Success and much promise.

Discoveries and solutions. Synchronicities, signs and fate. You have the means and the answers to what is troubling you. Liberation. The mystery of love. Many opportunities and new beginnings.

A vacation. New horizons to be explored. A pleasant and favorable journey.

An elegant woman, embodying Feminine Power.

Luck and happiness. Difficulties are turned into opportunities. A nice surprise and happy sighs. Purity of luck, all is well. Love, passion and abandonment. Lucky in love.

16 ~ Do not be judgmental in love. Positivity brings about positive energies that give you the strength and courage to forge ahead.

6 ~ Let go of your fears. Selflessly giving out love.

3 & 33 ~ Power of the Trinity. The angels have heard your wishes and prayers. Follow your heart. Access your creative side to make your desires a reality.

8 ~ Wisdom and strength. You are not alone. Cosmic energies are all around you. Balance.

10 ~ Have faith in everything that you do. Trust your divine guides. Keep your thoughts positive and pure.

29 ~ Reinforce your trust in yourself and your competence. Listen to your heart, follow your instincts. You will achieve greatness.

1 ~ New beginnings. Rely on the guidance of your guardian angel. Embrace change as it comes to you.

2 ~ Commitment, love, faith, peace, and trust. Cooperation and peacekeeping. Embrace inner peace.

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