Parasitic Infestation

Published January 16, 2022 by tindertender

Parasites are in our bodies. Whether they were in our food, sprayed from above, or in the water … doesn’t matter where they came from. They must be eliminated from the body so our energy can function at optimum, without being harvested by the parasite.

They feast on the soft tissues of the joints as well as the energy (life force) of the body. This is the true reason they don’t want people using the ivermectin. Some ‘powers that be’ want us to be hosts to parasites. A weak body generates revenue for Pharma.

Playing ‘host’ to parasites, we allow ourselves to be weakened and our body and mind pays the price. Those negative thoughts and emotions? Implants of parasites (also patented tech which works better when we are in a weakened state).

Some people feel them moving under the skin, I did. One dose of the invermectin ceased the movement under the flesh, the incessant ‘muscle twitching’ which is actually parasitic movement. My energy increased exponentially. The aching in my joints subsided.

Step one, remove the parasites.

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