“Tagging” and Hooking

Published January 6, 2022 by tindertender

I’m interested in how many of the unsuspecting have been “tagged” by sexual encounters in the astral.

The root chakra, or the sexual energies, are what these violating individuals feed upon. They are heavy into the entrapment right now … these dream time sexual experiences are not with your twin flame. They would not do this, they would not violate you in this way …. they are waiting for actual reunion.

The violators will convince you they are your flame, of course they will. They need your lower energies, for these energies are powerful.

By the feeding that goes on with the energies there, the energy never has the chance to rise into the solar plexus, the heart, in its fulness.

If you have had an astral sexual experience and feel the tugging of a string attached to a hook in your vaginal area or penis, or the breast area (or anywhere else) you need to focus on the removal of these implants.

If you wish to be free from this hook, this attachment, this snare, I highly suggest you start working with the Angels and your own Mind power, you are in the center of the All Knowing Mind … speak the command into this Mind, see this invasive implant dissolved and removed.

You must see its removal. You must trust that the work you are doing in this case is working.

Blessings to you as you wind down this journey, to begin again in freedom, wholeness and health.

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