Stop Saying That!

Published December 21, 2021 by tindertender

Imagine an arena. A contest of strength and will is at hand. The audience has a favorite, and they chant the name. Over, and over, and over again. It is loud and it rings throughout the stadium.

The crowd goes wild.

Imagine the energy behind the roar ….. the excitement, the anger.

Now imagine a virus which is affecting the world. People all over the globe are speaking of omicr …. and delt…. and cov…….. All people speaking of it with big energies of fear, and anger at their fellow human, and anger over the loss of freedom to choose, and the energy of readying the defenses.

Every time someone says the name, the Universe hears it as a chant ….

Omicr …. Omicr….. Omicr……

The whole world chants the name and the Universe hears that the crowd wants more of it.

Every time it is said, the word, and whoever is behind this, receives power, the energy of each individual ‘chanting’ the name. It grows in strength, like the egregore it is, empowered by the very people who just want it to go away.

And yet they continue ….

Omicr….. Omicr…… Omicr…….



It is so important, now more than ever, to manage and maintain ones own energetic vibrations, which include words, actions, thoughts, and emotions.

Our energy has been utilized by the controllers for a very long time.

Games …. football, and everyone jumps to their feet cheering at a touchdown, thousands of people dumping energy into the field … the energetic field.

There is technology patented that harnesses the energy ( in the atmospheric field, and it is then utilized however another chooses it to be used.

The crowd is not choosing how the energy is to be used, but it certainly is being supplied in abundance.

There is a reason people can go to the stadium for games, but cannot go to concerts in the park.

It’s controlled energy harvesting. To empower a specific agenda … for domination.

Choose carefully what you empower with your thoughts and attention, your energy and emotion. It is your energy, your sacred essence. Manage it well.

Words are spells.

Kinetic energy harvesting is the process of converting environmental kinetic or vibration energy – wind, waves, vehicle movement, machinery vibration, human motion, etc. – into electrical energy that can be used to power small and low-energy electronics. (and oh so much more, says I).,small%20and%20low%2Denergy%20electronics.

Source and distribution of human body energy and applicable energy harvesting technologies.

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