A Prayer

Published December 12, 2021 by tindertender

Though my trade may seem humble to many, I am skilled in inner ways. My job may not appear to change the world, but in my consciousness, every movement of my hand corrects a wrong. If I turn a potter’s wheel, I turn the Earth and visualize the healing of this planet. If I swing a hammer, I nail a thought of God to someone’s house and bestow blessings on each room. When I plant a tree, I put in the hole my power, to grow beneath it, making it strong and making me free. I look like your ordinary worker, but I am learning a higher trade. I am in the school of sacred studies and all life is a lesson to me. Mother Earth is my professor, Father Sun, my guide. My work I do for these who sustain me. Humbly, I carryon through the density of Earth’s materiality. Mater, Mother, Matter, you are the expression of all love embodied.
~ The Medicine Woman Oracle

Creation —————- Protection
Intuitive Messages —– Guardian Angel
Renewal of Peace ——-Acceptance of Love

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