Soul Control

Published December 10, 2021 by tindertender

Why would there be a need to control Soul?

Because there are those, on planet and off world, who benefit from the life force essence of Soul.

Because they want to control the Primordial Light of Source Creation, which is Soul.

If this is true, then it means Soul is not in all things.

The Djinn are smokeless first beings, electric in nature. They require a battery, a power source. And they use the life force essence in Soul. Doesn’t matter if it’s human or animal, primordial light is within all things here ….

Unless, it’s a clone.

There are many masquerading as human with this need for life force energy, the essence of primordial light of source creation, as sustenance. Without it they perish.

Were they actually “cut off” from the source as some literature suggests?

Where does the Star Nation fit in with all this? Have they really agreed not to interfere in the pillaging of Primordial Light? Have they really stepped down and swore not to protect this Light of Creation? Have they really concluded it best not to stand up for the children of light?

Perhaps ….

For even humanity has not risen to protect the innocent. They too seem more interested in tending to there own and to heck with the millions of others who are ensnared and tormented for their life force energy.

I see billboards stating, “childhood hunger doesn’t have to be … donate, yadda yadda”

And to me this is a slap in the face…. as over 800,000 go missing in the USA every year, I am certain each country has there own numbers also.

Is this a contractural agreement each country has made with some controller source? Have they agreed to supply a certain amount of “souls” per year?

Making deals with one who feasts on creation, to save themselves? Are they agreeing to this to save their countries from demolition, or the world?

If so, I ask again, where does the Star Nation fit in with it? Have they truly agreed to this scenario? Did they actually put in place the protocol for this world?

Perhaps after many generations they’ve looked at their “trial” and determined it isn’t working? Or maybe they’re happy with the results of the contract?

Who knows…..

Perhaps we’ll find out shortly.

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