Affirmations ~ December 1, 2021

Published December 1, 2021 by tindertender

Neuroplasticity happens when connections are made across the neural network in our brain. Essentially, our brain creates super-highways that it travels quickly in response to outside stimuli. Thought patterns that are repeated often create massive highways that the thought travels on. The more the thought occurs, the more it will occur.

One of the most effective ways to reprogram the mind, to reformat the consciousness, is through using affirmative statements. I share with you examples that you may find helpful should you wish to use them to assist in reformatting the thinking mind.

Night Bombshells: 105
Hirayama Fireworks Co., ca. 1883

Patiently I await the results of our co-creation.

I am being renewed.

I breathe.

I relax.

I connect to the earth.

I stay grounded.

I choose my words and actions wisely.

I see through a wider scope.

I celebrate life with my spiritual family.

I am at peace.

Divine Light is in each life. I honor that Light.

I have the power to free myself from that which limits me.

I consider the Natural Laws of the Universe while I consider what is best for me.

I nurture myself, and I accept nurturing from others.

Any issues I have which are difficult are being sorted out and solved now.

Love is coming to me; my heart will flow with this new love.

I am connected to life.

I connect with others.

This is a time of Power and Energy. I channel these forces constructively.

I am clear.

I am in process of renewal.

I release all that no longer serves my highest potential, my entry into the new cycle.

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