Choosing and Building Worlds

Published November 30, 2021 by tindertender

“All who are born will die; all who are born will grieve; all who are born are one shared spirit. We are each and all a part of the Be-ing of the Goddess, the Mother, the Earth. In this time of transition, change, and death on the planet, there is no time or space for the denial of death, the denial of living, or the denial of each other. There is only time for recognition and for love.” ~ Understanding the Soul’s Journey by Diane Stein

Q: Are you afraid to use your knowledge and fly to new heights and realms? Are you using your knowledge to move forward?

A: Oh how I long for new heights and realms! Today I will learn and move forward.

Over the generations of history, people have been squeezed into smaller and smaller fields of vision. They forgot over time that they are connected to all that is. Too often they see themselves as singular, small, disconnected from everything. I know exactly how this is, for I lived my first 36 years believing myself alone … alone in this body, with no one who understood my plight.

During the last 20 years I have broken barriers, swam thru the abyss, survived the invisible paws attempting to harness and draw me down into a place of despair. It wasn’t easy.

The internet has assisted in the process of awakening, of connecting, but it is still only a substitute for the truest connections we share with the unseen … those Guides, Guardians and Angels assisting daily, psychic friends and family working on behalf of the sacredness of life in every now moment, and the Ancient One’s who never left, who never stopped pouring forth love into this realm, and others.

Most folks simply had the ability to truly connect trained right out of them, replaced by an inferior ‘program’. Thankfully, with the Light being shown upon all faces, with the Schumann Resonance rising, and individual vibration increasing, these connections are being made once more.

I am not alone when I say I feel the presence of my truest family, those in the unseen. And trust me when I tell you, I know of the opposition as well, and I see their works in the world more clearly than ever, for they forced themselves into my own personal experience.

Pulling my attention from the chaos makers, I focus on those who have never given up on the sacredness of life dwelling on this planet. I focus my attention here, on them, for what we put our attention on, grows … in presence, and in power. I choose the sacred, I choose the wayshowers, I choose those who have kept traditions alive, and I choose those who choose me, in a good way.

People really must decide on what it is they choose to empower with their attention, their focus, their energy, especially energy wrapped in emotion which increases its potency. Chaos cannot survive without our participation, for WE are the battery keeping it alive.

Now is the time, more than ever before, for us to choose wisely that which receives the gift of our Creatorship.

We are either ‘led’ my the media and hyperbole of fear inducing statements, coercing folks into making a decision or entering an unhealthy reality, or we turn off the crap, and get busy creating the life, the world, we wish to see manifest.

There are arguments that say we cannot make change for those things unless we shine a light on them. And to an extent, this is true. But we are not creating the ideal future for ourselves and others while we are giving our time and attention or our Light to a system of violation. Just imagine what this energy being ‘spent’ on dominators and their crimes would create if it were to be redirected into a beautiful alternative?

Walk away … walk away from it all.

A new earth is coming. A new earth where foods are plenty and pure, where love and union are seen as sacred, where family includes all who participate in the dream ….. and speaking of the dream … who’s dream are people responding to, empowering, keeping going? Abusive dominator culture, or freedom and self-sufficiency as a whole?

Some may think, for I know I did, that if we turn the other cheek and simply walk away from the drama, it might take over. Think of it logically tho …. it would not exist without active member participation. It would simply fizzle and be no more.

We are headed into a new reality alright … which one do you choose?

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