Garden of Eden

Published November 14, 2021 by tindertender

The Garden of Eden was essentially a Food Forest, where all things needed for healthy sacred living were provided. The story has it that Eve ate the apple, and caused the expulsion of the people. This idea is rediculous, as that is what the food was there for …. to eat, for the body to be sustained.

The idea of expulsion in this way is not fact. It is a story to subject the feminine to guilt and shame.

Let us prove the thought.

We see in the world as it stands today, the self-sufficiency of the people, their autonomy, has been subjugated. Those of the dominating “New World” cannot dare to think of life with a free people, a people who have the food they need growing fresh and pure, waters that flow clean, who have the wherewithal to be self-sufficient, to care for their every need as it is provided to them by the earth mother.

We see in the current state of affairs dominators everywhere telling the people they must be injected with toxins against their will, or they will not be able to work, to provide for themselves or their families. There is talk of the head banker wanting to dismantle personal bank accounts and savings, there is talk of dismantling a persons right to property.

This is an attack on self-sufficiency, on autonomy.

How many times has the Garden of Eden been dismantled, and the people evicted from the land which provides for their needs? Look to the indigenous cultures, review what their life has been like … they once roamed the land, having their needs fulfilled by the earth mother.

It is time to move away from those who desire to dominate.

Build your Food Forest. Grow nut trees, fruit trees, and berry bushes to compliment the yearly garden worked with ones own two hands. Grow the sustenance required for the body, and share it with the world. Share the seed so others can participate in growing this Garden of Eden in many locations. Create ….. and use the violations against you to fuel your creation. Allow your beautiful creation to feast upon the violations, churning them, and turning them into fodder for the forest, so that it grows aplenty and strong.

The seven layers of a food forest.
Photography Graham Burnett, Wikimedia Commons

The stories we’ve been told are just that, written by those whose lone desire is to dominate all life upon this planet, to harvest it, to use it, to have it work for them, building their fantasy land …..

The people will rise.

The people will rise and build their Gardens. They will do this in many areas of the world, and these Gardens will grow, will flourish, and they will eventually meet in the middle, one with the other, until all of the land is a food forest, nurturing the people as they roam to and fro, as well as the animal kingdom.

It is a choice.

We have been trained to rely on the dominator for our food and housing.

We will build a different New World. A Sacred World, where the feminine is honored, not used in sex slavery where her most intimate energies are harvested by those who must have them in order to create. Feeders … feeding on the Primordial Light within all beings, indeed within all that grows and flows upon the earth.

We see the world as it is drained of its life-force energy.

And we choose ….

Some choose to take the jab, to fall in line, to attack their human family for their audacity to stand for autonomy.

Some, choosing autonomy, begin planting their Food Forests, creating, rebuilding, the sweet sustenance the earth and all who dwell upon her need to thrive.

Be proud of the work you will be doing. It is you who will heal the land, the earth. It is you, creator, who will participate in bringing back the health of this world. It is you, as the Primordial Light of Creation itself moves through you, who will initiate and see abundance flourish in all lands.

Take a stand. Permit the violations to empower your Will to Create. Allow the violations to feed your efforts. Just as the trees cleanse and purify the air we breathe, just as the waters churn and oxygenate the waters that so many life forms inhabit, the toxic world of dominance shall feed your creation.

All foul things shall be made new again … cleansed, purified, fresh.

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