Message 3/16/2021

Published March 16, 2021 by tindertender

As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the energy and immediately saw a burst of white light flash in my crown and throughout and around my entire being. This is by far the strongest and most purified energy of awakening I have ever experienced.

The feeling of the Creator’s desire for all to awaken at this time is very strong. This feeling is the result of the heavenly hosts who in service to the Creator, are sending the energy of pure consciousness to earth to help awaken those who are still asleep, even those in the most sound of slumbers. This energy is unwrapping our fields, pulling off layer upon layer of restrictions and limitations that the darkness placed upon us to bind our energy. This is much like removing the wrappings from a mummy except that what is inside is a glorious luminous being of light. We are being liberated to live as our divine selves.

The second image I see are golf ball size crystalline hail stones falling everywhere. These represent the incoming frequencies that are transforming the waters of the earth as well as the waters of the self to a highly purified crystalline energy state. This energy is helping to transform the planet into 5D as everything has become more crystalline including the rods & cones within our visual system. These are being adjusted and upgraded in order for us to better perceive the crystalline energy of our 5D world. The next image I see are diamond shape mirrors everywhere, mirroring beautiful heavenly light frequencies on earth. These mirrors are reflecting the heavenly kingdom, the Christ frequency of the divine self.

This is synonymous with the purified consciousness of, “Be still and know that I am God.” In the middle of this crystalline energy I am shown an image of the Christ wearing a white diamond robe with a crystalline diamond crown upon his head. Everywhere I see this high Christed energy of pure consciousness reflected by mirrors. This is truly a time of great transformation on planet earth, the result of the spiritual evolution of humanity. We evolve as we continue to anchor in the frequencies of the light of who we are. As we reflect the light energy of our Christed selves into the world, we create heaven on earth.

Source: @lightworker4441

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