Embracing Growth

Published February 26, 2021 by tindertender

Sometimes, we must learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable … stretching capacity. Rather than medicate to numb ourselves from the experience, we must learn to breathe, to smile, and not get lost in the details of it. Doing so will only increase the anxiety around whatever the situation is.

We are all changing energetically these days, that in itself is enough to cause discomfort. However, this is growth … and growth is never easy, especially if the growth happens too fast. Ask any tall person who experienced rapid growth and how it felt on their joints. Ask any Shaman about the birth of a Healer … they will tell you it looks like what the western world calls insanity.

These times offer us a magnificent opportunity to jump into the new, and our response ought to be an embracing of it, not a fighting against it … to simply respond to that which is presented to us in any given moment in the best way we know how … and usually that means stepping into our authentic power, a position we may not have ever experienced before.

Often, there will be opposing forces set against this new reality being birthed in us … and they must be left behind.

Love yourselves in every moment, and remember to be grateful for this life, in all its forms, in all of its circumstances.

A New Day is coming.

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