Self-Love and Reflection

Published February 13, 2021 by tindertender

While the world seems to be falling apart, while everything freezes and power outages grow in number, I sit back … and I live.

I slept in until 9am. As usual, sensing another’s presence in my solar plexus. Not love, but not total darkness either. Someone(s) are familiarizing themselves with my energy as I sleep … at least they are being gentle about it.

I Rise … and feed the pups as usual. The snow is so deep they did not travel far from the rear door to do their business.

I prepare my morning meal. I eat and give the remnants to my eager fur kids. They know they always get some of what mom’s having.

I look at my dining room table and I think, “Having flowers in the house is so nice!”

It is from this place I drink my tea and view the snow covered ground and the birds who gather around the feeder. It is a beautiful site.

I call or text my friends and relatives, all are fairing well, and I am grateful. Grateful for these times when it becomes apparent that what we have is actually great abundance, and even when lack comes, there is still enough.

It takes attention to be able to see these things.

My longest known friend has been without power since yesterday and PGE states it will be back on in another two days. He has a gas fireplace for warmth and a gas bbq, so he’ll still be ok.

Others warm their homes with a wood stove. And can cook on it too.

Thus far I seem to be protected from this storm. Yet still, I wait until evening to build my fire in order to preserve wood, just in case the power does go out.

I’m going to pour a bath, and enjoy the warmth of it while it is available to me.

Since this is a very quiet day, energies far and wide muted as they reel in and deal with their experiences of the now moments, it seems calm, in the midst of this storm.

I will kick back later and write about my goals, listing my intentions, and place my thought, my attention upon such things.

Attention ~ the most valuable currency to a human, or so I once thought. Now I am convinced it it the Soul which is the most valuable, especially since I now understand this is the way humans are seen by other intelligences. Finer than the most delicate silk, more valued than any precious metal or gem … the Soul.

The Soul is a direct connection to Source. It IS the Source … which is why so many long to possess it, to mold it, to create from it.

Effort will be made to come clear in regard Soul and what it means to me.

It is no shallow topic which warrants a shallow answer.

Great attention must be placed upon it.

Until that moment arrives …

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