Dimensions and Densities

Published December 21, 2020 by tindertender

Mainstream science almost always uses the term dimension when speaking of different aspects of the universe. With string theory being quite popular these days in quantum physics, we learn that the universe consists of 11 dimensions, which are all very, very tiny – like “strings” (thus “string theory”).

However, they don’t normally speak of densities. In metaphysics we usually speak of densities; more often so than of dimensions. Wherein this, the confusion lies.

In reality, our universe consists of both dimensions and densities, like described in “Creation of Universe”.

The universe consists of a certain number of dimensions, and between these dimensions we have the densities, which are the gradual change in vibration between dimension A and dimension B, while we’re reaching for one while being in the other.

Here above, we see how we move from one density to the next before we reach the next dimension.

This diagram is based upon the theory of 8 densities (an octave), where the 8th density is the next dimension. So this simple diagram can basically be read in two different ways. One way would be to look at we humans living in the 3rd Dimension, and depending on our awareness level, we operate in any of Density 1-7 within the 3rd Dimension.

We could perhaps say that plants operate in Density 1, while animals in general operate in Density 2. We humans – again, in general – operate in Density 3, but in reality exist in Densities 3-7 as long as we are still stuck in the 3rd Dimension.

A more aware human would, according to this diagram, operate closer to Density 7, but we all fluctuate between the densities, depending on if we have a “good day” or a “bad day”, so to speak.

Even the most aware person sometimes operate in Density 3, particularly when he or she is at a work place which focuses on tasks more in line with 3rd Density vibrations, just to later in the day, when the person comes home and attends to their favorite spiritual exercise fly up to Density 6 or 7 again.

As a side note, I need to point out that although we are generally considered to live in the 3rd Dimension, most scientists – rogue or mainstream – would add a 4th Dimension to that, where the 4th Dimension is time.

This is of course correct, but confuses the matter even more, because many metaphysical researchers use the 4th Dimension as the dimension where the “bad ETs” dwell. I wouldn’t say that these so-called “bad ETs”, shapeshifting reptilians or otherwise, live in the pure “time dimension” (if people like David Icke are correct).

And I don’t think that’s what these researchers intend to say either. So, as you can see, the matter is quite complicated.

A second way of looking at Diagram 1 would be to interpret the 7 densities like we interpreted dimensions in the previous paragraph.

In this case, we would live in the 3rd Density, as shown in the diagram. When the sources talk about ascension, they speak about moving from the 3rd Density, in which we currently dwell, up to the 4th, or even to the 5th, depending on whom we listen to.

Then, when we reach the 7th Density, we have, together with our soul group (usually our species, such as humankind in our case), transformed into a collective complex almost only consisting of light.

Some, like the Ra collective, say that after the 7th Density, we merge with All That Is (God or the Goddess) and have thus completed an “Octave”; i.e. we have, as a body/spirit/mind complex transformed into a star.

After that we start our journey into the next octave of densities, and so it goes on for all infinity, the way the Ra body/spirit/mind complex (BSMC [def] from now on) have understood it.

Dimension B in the diagram will thus work as the octave, or the 8th Density, and Dimension A will be the fulfillment of the previous Octave.

There is yet another way of looking at densities. This obvious point of view is too often overlooked. If you are in a room, there are several densities existing in that room at the same time, and you perceive all these densities simultaneously. In fig. 3 you can see a typical living room with a few things in it.

The pillows on the couch, for example, are lighter than the couch itself, and is therefore of of a lower density than the couch. The couch would be considered of higher density than the pillows, but in metaphysics we don’t measure the weight of on object, but the gain of awareness and consciousness to the soul.

Hence, we see the soul as becoming “heavier” the higher up the densities we move, and thus we move from lower densities to higher.

But the furniture in a room is nonetheless another example of densities, and that we live in different densities throughout the day, depending on the space we’re in. All in this living room has a different density.

In the RA material, the term “density” is quite satisfactory explained, however. It is not literal, but an analogue. Densities in metaphysics is often another word for dimensions.

Here is the direct explanation, word by word, and the letters and numbers within parentheses, e.g. (B2, 15) means the book “Law of One, Book 2, Session 15): “…density of consciousness – or density of vibration (B4, 28). Frequently used by Ra as an analog to what is currently thought of as ‘dimensions’ in the Universe. The densities are organized into an eight-fold ‘octave’ system, analogous to the musical octave and the visual light spectrum. Therefore the higher the density, the higher the level of consciousness.”

“Harvest = the process whereby a soul and/or planet ‘Graduates’ from one density to the next. Occurs naturally as a planetary system traverses through different areas of energy density in the galaxy, thus creating dimensional shifts. These shifts occur in precise, measurable cycles of time.”

(and I still don`t like the expression of “harvest”)

So it has to do with planetary shifts; when a planet goes from one density/dimension to another.

This is, according to the source, when the beings living there have had to make a choice whether they want to follow Earth on her journey to the 4th Density, or if they want to stay in the 3rd. If we choose the former, we need to be 51% STO (Service-To-Others) to graduate, or we won’t vibrate on the same level as the planet, and therefore not qualify.

!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE NOTICE: STO means imperative FIRST to be SELFRESPONSIBLE !!!!! Don’t become fooled by the meaning of STO and STS because FIRST humans have to be self-responsible for their actions and UNDERSTAND this completely. You can`t be in Service to Others if you wish for example the death or torture of another group.!!!!Also the believe systems “always THE OTHERS are guilty is NOT THE SERVICE TO OTHERS PATH. Please UNDERTAND THIS REALLY!!!

Another option is to be 95% or more negative, and if we are, we apparently vibrate on Earth’s 4th Density vibration as well, but in the negative field (some Powers That Be qualify for this option).

In the latter case where we choose to continue being in 3D, we need to be moved away from Earth, because we don’t vibrate on her new, higher frequency. We will be transported, by RA and others, to another 3D planet somewhere in the universe.

Those who are “evil”, such as the Global Elite, but are still less than 95% evil (Service-to-Self – STS), will follow those 3D humans to the new planet and continue to control them there. Some say that the 4th Density is the last density for Earth, and when it will be time for her to ascend again, she won’t be able to, and those who graduate from 4th to 5th Density have to be moved.

Others say that Earth will ascend all the way up to 7th Density.

In other words, a soul group, such as humanity, has 75,000 years in 3rd Density to decide whether they want to ascend with the planet they live on, or start all over on another planet until they are ready to ascend. And herein lies the difference and the confusion people may have felt regarding densities and dimensions!

The sources are only talking about ascension together with the planet you’re born on, while if you leave the planet and go somewhere else in the universe, this density concept is no longer valid. Well off planet, you live in a universe where you are free to explore almost all densities and dimensions.

I say almost, because there are, I believe, some upper dimensions of the KHAA which we need approval to enter, more based on character than evolution, from what I understand.

So, if you are already of 4th Density, to continue living in that density if you decide to leave Earth and go to another planet, you need to find a 4th Density planet in order to keep your vibration intact.

If you incarnate on another 3D world, your vibrations will adjust to the lower realms of the 3rd. But if you’re invited to visit a 3D world, you do so in spirit (nano-travel), or use a genetically engineered body which can live in 3rd Density.

I personally think that the first example, which is presented in Diagram 1, is much closer to how the universe is perceived by most beings; much closer to how it really works, but there are not many sources who use that construct. Most of them use the second way of looking at.

Then (again to make matters more complex), different sources use different amount of densities in their teachings.

RA, like I said, use Octaves (7 densities, where the 8th is the beginning of a new Octave, very similar to the western musical scale, C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C (or DO-RE-MI-FA-SO-LA-SI [or TI]-DO), where the second C (DO) is the same note as the first C (DO), only one octave higher, i.e. it vibrates on a much higher frequency than the lower C. It’s a good allegory to use the musical scale, as a matter of fact, even if people are not musically inclined, because it explains things quite easily.

On a piano, for example, if you play a musical scale from a lower C to an upper C, you can hear, even if you’re not a musician, how the notes go higher and higher in frequency and appear less dense to the listener.

Lastly, before we move on, let me continue on my thought from an earlier paragraph. I said that RA is using Octaves to explain ascension, but there are those, like the Guardian Alliance (data streamed by A’shayana Deanne, aka Ana Hayes) who use 15 densities in their ascension process.

Other common numbers are 11 and 12.

So why is there such a difference between sources?

If they are living in the same universe, how can there be different amounts of densities or dimensions depending on whom you ask?

However, there is a good explanation for this; there are no set densities, and that’s the bottom line of it. You can’t say in all honesty that now you jumped from Density 3 to Density 4. It’s arbitrary at best.

When we listen to a source, it sounds like there is a line drawn in the sand, saying that here is the 3rd Density, and if you cross this line you are in the 4th. That’s not accurate and quite misleading. Densities, like everything else in the universe/Multiverse, are fluid, which means that they interact with each other.

The 3rd interact and blend with the 4th and vice versa.

Awareness and consciousness in a being increased incrementally and no one is jumping from one density to another from one day to the other.

Things change and vibrations increase little by little, and we are able to perceive realities that previously were occluded. We may be able to zoom in and out of the “other world”, which is the KHAA, or the 96%, which we talked a lot about in Level II (please review if these concepts have become vague in memory, or look them up in the dictionary for a faster review).

Eventually we will be able to travel in our light-bodies (avatars) to other dimensions and densities; both in the KHAA and in the 4% universe, while we still are grounded here on Earth in our much denser, physical 3 (or 4) dimensional bodies.

The 3rd Dimension (or the 3rd Density, depending on which concept we use) is the dimension of matter.

This is where non-physicals incarnate when they want to experience a period of time in a denser environment; basically for learning lessons. It shouldn’t be a big deal, and it should actually be fun and very interesting, but in our case we have had our version of 3D “locked in” by the Sirian Alliance when they took over the planet, which means that souls who incarnate here get stuck in a loop of seemingly endless cycles of reincarnation, which this ET alliance has created.

It is certainly not meant to be this way, but here we are, stuck for eons in the grip of an alien invader force.

So the way we experience 3D here on Earth is an exception rather than a rule, or is at least meant to be. I will talk more about this in a later paper, where I show that the Sirians have set this up even smarter than we may have thought. If they would be put on trial for what they’ve done, they may, incredibly enough, get away with their crimes.

My awareness indicates to go a bit deeper in the concept of densities and “how they may be perceived” by you. So I set apart dimensions a bit and and jump with you into densities, ok??

Ok, let`s get on with DENSITIES and I ‘ll try my best that I can explain it in a way that it makes sense for all: I`ll do it like Q/A -maybe it`s easier than to follow the context my loved ones. So we start with 3D – where we are right now:


You are, right now, experiencing yourself as a 3-dimensional body in a 3-dimensional world. The world of 3 dimensions should therefore be very easy for you to comprehend. By “dimension” we mean a space that can be measured. For example, the dimensions of a cube are expressed as length x height x width. All objects in your reality can be made to fit in a cube of sufficient size. All objects therefore exist within three spatial dimensions. Any point in your reality can be defined by three co-ordinates. So there are three dimensions to all things in your reality and to the whole of your reality.

But as this IS your reality you should be very familiar with it so we can move on and describe the other dimensions. Lets take a step down to the second dimension next.


If you stand between a bright light source and a screen then you will cast a shadow on the screen. What you, perhaps, haven’t considered before now is that your shadow is your body in 2 dimensions. It has height and width but it has no depth. No matter how closely you look you will never be able to measure a shadow’s thickness. It has none as it is not really a “thing” in the normal sense of the word. It is merely an absence of light. So, it has only two dimensions: the dimension of height and the dimension of width. Your shadow is a 2d object.

Now I would like you to please imagine a 2d being – someone very like your shadow – but a being of independent consciousness. He is going to help us understand dimensions. Let’s give him a name. Let’s call him Shadowman. Let’s imagine you could have a conversation with him. Remember his world isn’t actually simply “flat”. It is much worse than that. The conception of depth does simply not exist for him. So, not only can Shadowman not see over even the smallest obstacle, he can’t even begin to imagine the concept of “over”.

He can’t even think in terms of there being an “above” or a “below”. If Shadowman and a number of his friends stood next to each other he would not be able to see beyond the friend on either side of him and he would also not be able to conceptualize what it might be like to see “past” someone. So, if you asked him how many friends had gathered and he only had one friend on either side of him in his direct line of sight then his best answer would have to be “two”.

Other friends that were beyond his line of sight would not be in his presence and he could not know that they were there. You, on the other hand, could see everyone in the gathering like so many shadows on the wall and you’d immediately know how many there were by simply counting them.

You could tell Shadowman which friends he was going to see at this party and he’d be astounded at your prescience. Not only this but you would be able to see, to all intents and purposes, inside Shadowman. You’d be able to see any internal organs and structures his body might have and even what he ate for lunch! You’d also be able to see inside closed boxes and “through” walls and barriers.

Your ability to see and know things like this would astound Shadowman. He’d think you were god-like in your comprehension of his world. You would, to his mind, have an impossible ability to see what lay ahead of him long before he could discover this for himself. And if you tried to explain to him that you didn’t really have supernatural powers but could merely perceive the extra dimension of depth, then you would find that he would simply not understand what you were talking about.

You could possibly use analogies to give him some idea as to what depth is like but… sadly… he would never really know what it would be like to live in a world with this third dimension, depth.

And that should give you some inkling of what a 2d object is like. It is a flat shape with no depth.


In order to help us understand what a 1-dimensional object might be like we are going to get Shadowman to help us some more. He is going to fetch a bright source of light and a screen from his 2d world and stand in-between them. Just as your 3d body has a 2d shadow, so Shadowman’s 2d body will yield a 1d shadow.

Let’s do this together in our imaginations, shall we? Shadowman has a perfectly flat lamp that shines a “flat” light in only two dimensions which causes his 2d body to cast a shadow on his flat, two-dimensional screen.

What does his shadow look like to us? Can you, in your imagination, see that his shadow is just a vertical line? It is as tall as Shadowman is, but, being his shadow, it has no width. And, of course, just as Shadownman has no depth, his shadow also has no depth. It is a line of no width and no depth. It is a 1d object.


To take the next step down to 0 dimensions, we simply continue the process. We take Shadowman’s shadow, the vertical 1d line, and we imagine that there is a 1d light source and a 1d screen on either side of it. But, because it inhabits a 1d world, the light and the screen can only be placed on the same axis as the line. There is no “in front’, no “next to”, no “to the side of” in the 1d world. There is only the single dimension WHICH FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE is above and below the vertical line of Shadowman’s shadow.

So, let us imagine that we place a 1d light (that only shines a laser-like light in a perfect line) so that it shines a light down on Shadowman’s shadow and it projects a shadow on the screen below it. What would this shadow look like? Can you, in your imagination, see that it would be a point? A single point of no width, no depth and no height. It is a 0d object.

Q(uestion): But if it has no width, no height and no depth… then it can’t really exist, can it? I mean it can’t for example, have any mass. It can’t really be a “thing” in the ordinary sense of the word, can it? Maybe it is just an imaginary object?

A(nswer): In fact anything below 3d has no mass. But you’re right this 0d point is not a thing like anything you have any experience of. It is, from that perspective, a no-thing. It is nothing. And that is all it is to those in the scientific community that have no place in their world-view for consciousness. But for the more enlightened there is much more to this “imaginary nothing”.

To be clear: this is not a point on a surface such as a dot on a piece of paper. A dot on a piece of paper is a 3d object. With a microscope, or similar, you can quickly see that it has three dimensions. And, more importantly, the dot resides on a piece of paper (which is 3d) on your desk (again 3d) in your universe (also 3d). You cannot separate the dot from the context in which it finds itself. No matter how small you draw that dot it is still a 3d dot in a 3d world and there is no possible way you will ever be able to make it any thing other than that because YOU are a 3d being in a 3d world.

A 0d object does not exist on a piece of paper. In fact it does not exist “on” anything at all. From the perspective of a 0d being there is nothing “outside” of it for it to be on. At 0d all things are integrated and there is no separation between one thing and another. Indeed it is the creation of the dimensions themselves that allow for the illusion of separation between things. So, a 0d being is pure consciousness, there is no “you” and no “me”. There is no “here” and no “there”. There is no “this” and no “that”. There is no “before” and no “after”. There is only a singularity of everything which could possibly ever be, all condensed into one singular point with nothing at all outside of that point. That is 0d.

So the 0d point contains EVERYTHING!

A: It does.

Q: And where can one find such a point. I mean… really… in my world how would I find such a 0d point?

Event Horizon . How is the shortest and fastest way from Point A to B??? Fold the space/time continuum and put point A exactly on point B, then make a hole through both and the distance is zero.

Everywhere. There are an infinite number of such points literally everywhere. At the very, very finest scale this is all this whole universe is composed of. Points of everythingness.

Not bad for an imaginary no-thing, wouldn’t you say? This is the nothing that is everything that you, your whole reality and everything in it, are composed of at the very finest scale. Do you see? You have heard it said here in The Ascension Papers and certainly in other spiritual works that all things contain the whole. Well that would not be possible if the very smallest of all things were not, itself, the whole! Were it possible for you to invent a magical microscope that could zoom-in so far that you could see across dimensional boundaries then, at your maximum magnification, you might get to see such a 0d point.

And if by some further magic you could zoom into one of these points then, inside that point, you would find… the whole universe!

Q: Oh wow! I get it! The whole universe is contained within each of these smallest points… which in turn is what every thing in the universe is made of! Wow! That is the best mind-boggle I’ve had in a long time. Except… wait a minute… something doesn’t make sense to me, May I pause you here to ask a question or two?

A: Certainly.

Q: Firstly I’d like to know why, if I zoom in, I’d find the universe and not something… bigger. I mean you have told me that the universe is not everything that is. That there are other realities outside this universe, for example. Secondly I’d like to know about the physics of that finest, smallest 0d point. I don’t think our quantum scientist have found such a “point”. I think they are talking in terms of “strings” being the smallest thing, not this imaginary point. Are they wrong?

First answer: When I say you will find “the universe” I have a somewhat broader definition of that word than you normally would. I don’t mean the space around you that you can observe with telescopes alone. Your universe is the 3d universe. It is one single slice of a far greater whole. What I am talking about is the whole universe. All 8 dimensions of it. So these 8 dimensions are what the universe REALLY is. And this universe is a contained unit… a singular whole entity on its own. It is not the only such singular construct though … it is akin to one grain of sand on the beaches of eternity. It is one whole perfect thing complete unto itself amongst many, many such others.

Gaining access to this universe requires of you that you must “split yourself up” in a particular way. You must disintegrate the unity of your soul so that you can experience this universe as it is. Once you have done this then you are able to navigate around inside the universe. The fragment of yourself that you have placed at the third dimensional level, for example, can have many incarnations here and can feel itself to be a human being on a planet such as Earth while other fragments of yourself can, in a similar manner, experience other dimensional levels of this universe.

As a result of this special “disintegration” process you can, however, not simply leave. The part that might wish to leave cannot leave other parts behind. Only the whole of you that entered may leave. So you must remain here until you have managed to “re-integrate” all your fragments. This very healing and integration of the soul is what we are calling the ascension process.

As you ascend… as you gather together all that you are into a single, whole, integrated, sovereign being… so you will find your consciousness re-resonating to the place where you can “get out” of this universe. When you are truly at one with yourself then you are at one with everything. Then you find yourself at the “surface” of the universe, if I may speak metaphorically.

This “surface” exists at exactly the place where 8d and 0d are one and the same thing, where 8d and 0d contain all the other dimensions. It exists at exactly the place where all things are One and you are One with all. At that place there are no boundaries and no divides. That is the place where you may go from anywhere to anywhere. You may go to any other reality that exists. Then there are no limitations at all. Because, indeed, that “surface” is also the nexus between all realities. At that place you already are… everywhere!

Now to your second question. Your physicists’ best effort to theorize a description of your reality at the very smallest level has yielded a concept called “strings”. This is actually a pretty useful notion. There are indeed energetic filaments that run through your reality. As they vibrate and oscillate in your reality it creates an effect that your science has observed and called sub-atomic particles. So far so good. But what, pray tell, are these strings?

Q: Um… I think they are energy?

A: Yes… at that level everything can be said to be energy. But I am asking in terms of our discussion about dimensions.

Q: Oh, right. They are long but… I don’t know… maybe they have no width and no depth? Maybe these “strings” are 1d objects?

That is very astute. Yes. And if you understand that these strings are 1d objects then clearly you haven’t yet found the finest, smallest 0d point yet! These 0d points of singularity and unity project the strings into your reality. They are the point of origin and destination for all the strings. The strings in turn are the source of the phenomena you call sub-atomic particles. Sub atomic particles dance together to form atoms which in turn bond into molecules. And molecules are the building blocks of your world.

So, in summary then, the 0d points are the source, the very primal, smallest and finest origin of everything in your universe. They also contain the whole universe. That makes them pretty special, don’t you think?

And since you enjoy mind-boggles so much, here’s another one for you. Even though these 0d points are everywhere all around you and inside you… there is actually only one of them!

By definition there cannot be more than one 0d point. It IS the whole universe. If there was another, different one then it would have to be an entirely different reality and could not be found inside this reality. There is, therefore, an infinite number of 0d points everywhere inside this reality but, in truth, it is all the same one.

Now we are going go “up” the dimensional scale and try to describe the 4th dimension and beyond to you.


The fourth dimension is time. From your personal perspective you could say your 4d body would be a long snake-like form. It begins quite small at the tail with a new born baby. Then moment by moment it grows longer and larger as you grow to be a young boy. Then it gets to its full girth as you become a young man. Longer and longer it gets with each day that passes for you. Its cross-section shape is your body at any given moment. So, though it ceases to get much taller after you became a young man it may well get somewhat wider as you progress into your middle years. The longer you live, the longer this snake grows. Maybe you can imagine it a little like a loaf of bread: each moment of your life is one slice and each slice is your whole 3d body. Moment-upon-moment the snake grows longer and longer until it eventually ends with the death of your body. From your perspective you live a linear life from beginning to end forming one long snake-like body.

Q: But why is it long like that? Why does the snake get longer? Why couldn’t it be like Russian dolls with baby-me in the middle and as I get bigger I just form new layers outside that?

A: It is a good question, even though you ask it somewhat in jest. The answer is this: if you did not move at all there would not be progression. This movement which produces the snake-like growth is time. If you stood perfectly, still time would stand still for you.

Q: But that makes no sense! I stand still all the time!

A: You stand still in 3d but you cannot stand still in 4d. And it is as a result of your movement in 4d that you experience time. If you sat dead still for a whole day, by the beginning of the next day you would have moved once around the circumference of your planet. So how then are you going to stay perfectly still?

And the movements you make in time cause your long, snake-like body to be shaped into many spiral coils and loops which ultimately make a torus shape.

Let me explain. At the end of the above-mentioned day you do not end where you began because the planet itself has moved on. It travels around the sun once a year. Making your series of spirals into another bigger spiral. But again you do not end where you began because your solar system is very slowly rotating. In fact EVERYTHING in your universe is rotating right up to the very universe itself. And so, no matter how long you live, your body would be growing and aging and transforming, moment by moment, as it hurtled forward at quite some speed through space in an amazing pattern of spirals made up of ever smaller spirals. The movements you actually choose to make when you walk, drive or fly in aeroplanes don’t even show up as perturbations compared to that patterns created by your high-speed flit though space and time.

Q: Amazing. As you were describing this to me I got a picture in my head of the cord used to connect a telephone hand-set to its base. It’s a spiral. I imagined curling that spiral cable into a much bigger spiral and then taking that bigger spiral and winding it up around itself into a BIGGER spiral…

A: yes, that is the gist of it. And the longer you live the more spirals you can be a part of. Human lives are, in the greater scheme of things, of very short duration. So your motion only incorporates some of the smaller spirals. If you could live a few billion years then your 4d body would begin to show the arc of the rotation of the universe. But no matter how many spirals you form they always tend to create a torus. A torus is a doughnut shape. This is because you travel in a circle around and central space. So your snake-body makes a torus loop.

Then it makes more and more loops until it makes a shape like a loose spring. But as the spring-shape gets longer it curls round upon itself until it makes a complete loop and then you see another torus! But the torus doesn’t quite complete because it doesn’t end where it started. And the pattern just keeps repeating making larger and larger near-toroids.

So that is what your body would look like to you if you were a 4d being. And if you were a 4d being then you would think of yourself quite differently from the way you currently do. In much the same way as you might currently look around the room you are sitting in and see a chair over there and a book over here, your 4d self could look around and see being middle-aged over here and being a toddler over there. All of your whole life is “right here” to that being.

He does not need to wonder what will happen when you wake up tomorrow morning because that is as clear and present to him as the keyboard under your fingers is to you now. Your whole life, from start to end, is his “here and now”.

What he might wonder about and try to work with is not “tomorrow” or “yesterday”, it is “alternate”. Which is what is dealt with by the 5d being. So a 4d being is a time-like projection of your reality and it consists of spirals forming toruses.

So, I`ll make a break here and will go from 4th to 8th d – tomorrow and we will have a LOT to experience there. Please as always, just take what really resonates deeply within you – and forget the rest. This information is not necessarily provided for each and every human.

Source: @Karina89350882

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