Tithing and Dark Matter

Published November 15, 2020 by tindertender

Tithe, or 10% to Melchizedek.

Who or what does the Bible mean here?? $$$$??

We will now break the word Melchizedek down into 4 parts to find its esoteric meaning:

(i) MEL

Melanosis = abnormal dark pigmentation

Melaphyre = dark igneous rock

Melatonin = a hormone produced by the pineal gland stimulating a colour change.(melas = black tone).

MEL is therefore connected to the word DARK.

It is also found in the bible as one of the three wise men:

MELCHIOR = one of the 3 wise men. Mel = dark energy, chi = life force, or = gate and are the first letters of Orion where dark matter comes to the earth from. So translated in the story:

Melchior, which comes to the child opens the gate to the life force of dark matter which is 90% of the universe.

MELG derivates are root words associated with milk and galaxy.

Melg = to milk or rub off

(ii) CHI

CHI = life force flows through the meridians of the body.

CHI = 22nd letter of Greek alphabet, and China contains the word CHI where the term was said to originate.

So in Melchizedek we bring East (chi) and west (Mel) together.

(iii) Z

Z = the symbol for atomic number. Also the symbol for impedance which is resistance measured in Ohms

So we have dark matter in MEL and atomic number in Z.

(iv) DEK

DEK = doctrine, dogma, disciple, discipline

Other word derivatives are : Pentecost, Quintessence (fifth element,ether).

In physics, quintessence is a hypothetical form of dark energy postulated as an explanation of the observation of an accelerating rate of expansion of the universe announced in 1998.

So MEL or the dark matter is coming down as Quintessence, and is stimulating the life force or CHI, to restore the flow of life energy, we see Melchizedek.

Putting all of the above together it tells a story :

MEL = dark energy that flows through the galaxy or milky way (MELG), and is the life force (CHI), and we we provide resistance (Z= impedance, resistance, ohm) to the electrical energy of the brain through meditation.

We need to be a disciple of God and use discipline to meditate (DEK=a root for disciple and discipline) DEKM= the number 10=our tithing or 10%. DEKM is also a root for PENTECOST and

QUINTESSENCE(the latter was named as by scientists as the dark matter coming from Orion to earth)


Give the 10% of our brain use to Dark Matter/Creation

God will then use the 90% we cannot access.

Or keep giving your earnings to the church with the 10% brain you are currently using.

Source: @BearerS_word

One comment on “Tithing and Dark Matter

  • I use a set of sacred geometry elements made from clear quartz in my chakra grids for clients. I specifically use it in their solar plexus to connect them back to their own birth given power. Incredibly awesome. Great post my dear❤

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