Twin Towers and 9/11

Published November 15, 2020 by tindertender

The Media keeps a constant broadcast of esoteric information going which works two-fold. It serves to keep various members of the Elite in the know of current situations, while making the average person continue to believe its all a part of the entertainment.

With this unraveling of secrets that seemed to begin after the Twin Towers collapsed those who have begun investigating under the pretense of conspiracy have uncovered a trail of immense proportion. Many things reveal that not only are we dealing with a force that has the ability to traverse space and time it also has the supreme intelligence of a Master Architect or Master Builder. When you begin to look into these matters you find an inner network of people from various nationalities and backgrounds all “in the know”, which allows them to be more mentally, financially, and physically superior than the average person. When the Twin Towers collapsed, which was the Tower Card #16, the consciousness of the Planet shifted starting in OZ/NY. The Twin Towers themselves were giant tuning forks with the base of the structure infused into the chambers that kept the Gold Reserve.

There has been profound amounts of publications found that date back as far as 1960 indicating that the tower would eventually be collapsed in some massive Masonic Mega Ritual. There are enough books and movies on the full details of the 9/11 plot so I will only discuss what many of the conspiracy researchers have missed. Now that 9/11 has past it is for many just another moment in time because they did not lose any loved ones. For those families that lost a loved one they are torn between this conspiracy and that conspiracy.

It is fact that this was an orchestrated event that signaled the dawn of a new view of how we see our leaders. I will also say that I believe those people did not die in vain. It was that single event that made many wake up and see things deeper. Thousands of lives are lost everyday due to plans that we could interpret, interrupt, and prevent if we would wake up and learn how the spiritual world functions, along with its signs and symbols.

Since the Elite are notorious for following the 22 card Tarot deck it was already divined that they would cause the Tower to fall. In this FEMA Terrorism self-study manual the Towers are shown with the Bulls Eye/Aldabaren over the South Tower. This manual was published in June 1999 way before the Towers fell, they already knew it was going to happen.

Source: @Karina89350882

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