Oracle Reading 11-13-2020

Published November 13, 2020 by tindertender

My question was in regard ‘ascension’, or planetary ‘harvest’ and wondering if humanity has been sold into galactic slave trade.

See from a higher perspective ~ Look at things from a different angle. Fly higher and see new possibilities.

Love and let yourself be loved ~ Welcome with open arms opportunities to give and receive love.

Trust your talents in coming times ~ Stay alert as change is in the air.

Faith … it’s a touchy thing, especially when dealing with those who create from their Will that which brings them benefit, often at the expense of the little guy.

The unknown brings many doubts, especially when the senses are manipulated in the night … trespassers in the shadows.

Can one really trust the cards? When the senses are screaming all is not well?

Perhaps they can afford one to relax just a smidge … for now.

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