The Message Is …

Published November 8, 2020 by tindertender

Do you.

Regardless of what others say you must be.

Regardless of the judgements and attempts to make you feel ‘less than’.

Do you.

Your unique and wonderful you.

The whole of the world, it will seem at times, desires to dictate your character, mold your personality and shift the ‘base’ upon which you stand.

Do you.

Claim your individuality.

Be a significant marker in this world.

Be the best you possible.

That means loving ALL of you, all of your traits, despite others telling you certain aspects of self ought to be rejected, reformatted, forgotten.

Many will deny you, betray you, and try to convince you it is because of you.

It is a difficult process of reclaiming Self, once rejected by self.

Don’t do that.

Do you.


2 comments on “The Message Is …

  • This is a theme I’ve noticed popping up in tbe collective lately. The basis for all healing starts with self. We must go and stay inwards. Then spill that love out into the world❤🙏😊

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