Activations and Power

Published November 5, 2020 by tindertender

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Within the past few days, higher energy templates have been downloaded into your consciousness. This is triggering new activations within your being, particularly more strands of DNA, the chakras, change in the vibration of your cells. Allow the sensations to flow.

Telepathy is now gradually being activated within humanity. For those who seek a higher light.

I have stated a few times that no event from the dark will be allowed to take place if it causes fear or deceit on a mass scale. This includes blue beam projects, nuclear detonations, and the creation of “fake portals” to ascension/ other side, or different world.

The system itself is hanging by a thread. It is being kept afloat so as not to cause fear and panic among the masses. All the things you’ve seen in 2020, multiply that by ten come 2021. Change on a whole other level, not just political/economical, but Earthly changes as well.

Millions of years ago in the constellation of Lyra(humanity’s original home), the symbol of the Phoenix was used by the people to let the enemy know that their confederation cannot be destroyed. A symbol of reincarnation and restoration. Returning stronger, brighter, more resilient than ever before. And this is what is occurring on Earth today. Humanity is rising with the new energies, awareness is returning. Restoration has not only begun but IT IS ALL READY SUCCESSFUL. You are seeing glimpses of it for now prior to the veil dropping.

An atomic bomb explosion is but a flick of your eyelash, compared to the power that YOU, alone have. And look at how you continue about your daily lives. You must claim your divinity, your power, and move with the highest light/love.

A million little suns merged as one, this is YOU. Are you able to comprehend the POWER that you hold within? In your TRUEST form, you hold the ability to CREATE or destroy worlds with A SINGLE THOUGHT.

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