Unaffected By Chaos

Published October 28, 2020 by tindertender

Observe … Do not let ‘outside forces’ disrupt your peace of mind and rational decisions.

Longing for what once was is a form of living in the past … let it go, let ‘them’ go … focus on the present moment and what you can do to make it the best possible moment.

Look inside yourself, not at what another may bring to make your day better. Self-reliance, self-love, recognize your own personal value and power to shift and mold your energy and environment.

Smile whenever you can. It will “lift a mood”.

Worrying about the negatives that may come is the same as being fearful of death. It is a complete waste of the “now” energy.

When you focus on suffering, it is an open invitation for more of it to enter your life. Instead, focus on the beautiful things in life, the things that bring a smile to your lips and put a little song in your heart.

Remember being a child in school and doing something naughty and having to write on the chalk board “I will not ….” or something to that affect?

Buy a notepad and fill a page with affirmation, just like that. Line after line repeat it, let it flood your mind for a moment.

I AM Strong …
I AM Powerful …
I AM Beautiful …
I AM Blessed …
I AM Worthy …
I AM Capable …
I AM Free …
I AM Enough …

Whatever affirmation you choose, write it, repeat it, grow it in your heart and mind. Let it fill your world, your ‘space’ and generate a new creation for yourself, a new way of thinking and being in this world.

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