Oracle Reading 10-22-2020

Published October 22, 2020 by tindertender

Integrity ~ Drop the things that offend your soul. Embrace your truth. It’s your life, let no one live it for you.

I honor all that I am. I am always completely myself and that is enough. Today I will honor myself and my personal integrity and rise up in its power. I will embrace the greater part of me and live with sincerity and honor. I will be honest with myself, live a life of truth, and I will be free.

Humor ~ Laugh at yourself, lighten your heart. Let nothing steal your happiness.

Today I will focus on joy. I now see the good and happy moments that surround me and give thanks. I will not complain. Instead, I will laugh at the comedy of life and let nothing keep me from my happiness. I will let humor fill my heart with rainbows, fun fill my soul with stars, and dance even if it rains.

Dreamer ~ Your Dreams have chosen you. Find fulfillment in pursuing your destiny. This is the magic of life.

Today I will take time for the dreamer in me. I will remember that my dreams have a purpose and were given to me for a reason. I will not be misled by the opinions and doubts of others, for this is my journey and only I can know the way. I will focus on taking steps toward my dreams and I will never give up.

Reading from the deck Magical Times Empowerment Cards created by Jody Bergsma

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