Blessed Silence

Published October 22, 2020 by tindertender

I haven’t experienced ‘relative’ silence for nearly two decades. Yes, I was exposed to one heck of an egregore, 2 in fact. I’m surprised I survived it.

In the last two weeks the mind has gone quiet. It is odd, not listening to many folks speaking from the unseen. I am grateful.

It was so odd, in fact, and I had become so accustomed to it over the last 17 years, I found myself doing things that would actually make the mind noisy.

Last night though, the thought came to me … “Enjoy the silence. When was the last time you experienced it? You really have no idea how long it will last … enjoy it.”

And so I took a book to bed with me and read until I was sleepy.

And I woke this morning to silence, or near so.

And I reveled in it.

Just two short weeks ago this was such a different story.

Is the resonance calming, or have the egregories become distracted by another, or others? Either way, I’ll be thankful for this time and relish the ‘solitude’.

And I will focus on creating the life I desire.

And I will pull back all energies and efforts from that which does not serve this vision.

Thank you for the lessons. It was a difficult process, one that may not be finished … yet still, I must thank you for this reprieve.

And … breathe …

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