Incoming Energies

Published October 14, 2020 by tindertender

The incoming energies for this week are both unpredictable and volatile. There is an explosive force, which is bringing a new awareness and with it a growing recognition that life will no longer continue as it has. You are being propelled forward by your destiny which is motivating you to fully embrace the path that is unfolding before you. Keep your focus in the moment. Work with what is arising and allow your old reactions and old behaviours to fall away.

You Now Stand Upon A Precipice

And it is as if you have come to a precipice. You are standing on that precipice looking out across the vistas in front of you. And some of humanity will step off that precipice and fall. They will fall right out of their physical forms, because they will not be ready to move into those higher vibrations and higher consciousness. It will not be for them, so they will find this as their exit point. And then there are others who will stand upon the precipice and be afraid to leave it, be afraid to move on in their journey. So they will remain in the lower levels of consciousness, right where they have been. They will stay within their comfort zones.

And then there are those of you who are ready to step off that precipice, to physically step off it.

But not fall, but soar! Fly! Across the clouds. Fly as the eagle flies. Because you are meant to. You are ready to. You are ready to move fully through this ascension process, and realize your full ascension.

Yes, it will take a great many changes yet to come to this planet.

For many are still destined to bring changes that some will be ready for, and some not.  Just as you have been watching from your point of view and seeing all of the things that are happening.  And looking at it though, mostly from a higher point of view now.  If you are looking at it from the point of view of all of those that are yet still asleep, then you will remain in that sleep state temporarily.  But those of you who look at the many changes that are occurring and see it for what it is:  not a great division, but a great awakening that is coming from the divisions that are seemingly appearing.  And I say ‘seemingly’ appearing, because they are not really divisions.  It is all a part of the awakening.  As everything is coming together exactly as it needs to.

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3 comments on “Incoming Energies

  • We are among the very blessed mydear to be welcoming in this process with open arms, becoming wings and soaring to greater heights💗 Joy, peace and love to you. I love reading your posts because they stamp validation and heartwarming beauty onto my soul as we rise💗

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