Another Candidate

Published October 13, 2020 by tindertender

They’ve found another. She’s Rh negative, psychic, and her nervous system can handle their presence without the use of medications. Perhaps they’ll be backing off now …

I slept very well last night. Yes, there were dreams, yet these dreams were not as vivid as some I’ve had. My rest was deep, and I slept for quite awhile.

Sometimes I think my ‘showing up’ in other worlds is unexpected, and when they learn to expect it, they put up blocks, or do something to the waking ‘memory’ of the experience.

At any rate, it’s been awhile since my roommate had to wake me up due to me over sleeping, and this morning was one of those days. I feel calm and at peace.

The high vibrations, the pricking of the skin sensations have dissipated for a time. I am relieved, yet concerned for this other aspect of the feminine they’ve discovered. My hope is she will be strong enough to withstand whatever they throw at her, to reject a union.

This is the desire, you see. To unite with her, to cause her to be in this certain role. She is here to be peacemaker, yet it is my perception they mean to warp this role and turn her into another puppet for their use, their use of forming the mindset of humanity.

If successful, it will be another story similar to that of Jesus, only this time around, it will be a female in the role. The collective thought of humanity will be formed around this scenario, the feminine will come back into a state of honor (from the masculine perspective) … we might even see matriarchy come back … seemingly. It will be orchestrated.

For today tho, I’ll relax in this calmness that has overcome me.

And I’ll wait for the next thing.

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